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Introducing the one and only Green Mary Cocktail Mix! Here at Frankie V’s we like to think “Green is the new Red!”


Frankie V’s Green Mary Cocktail Mix is a masterful blend of organic green tomatoes, tomatillos, various spices with an infusion of 1888 Cold Press Olive Juice and Frankie V’s Wasabi Green Thai Chili Hot Sauce!  Mostly organic ingredients with absolutely no preservatives!


Enjoy Frankie V’s Green Mary Cocktail Mix with vodka as you would a traditional Bloody Mary mix, or with your favorite Mexican beer for a Michelada!


Ingredients:  green tomatoes, organic lime juice, 1888 olive juice, organic tomatillos, organic garlic, organic celery, organic onion, worcestershire sauce, FVK wasabi green Thai chili hot sauce, organic wasabi powder, organic raw agave nectar, raw horseradish, organic pepper, sea salt.


Drink Well My Friends,

Frankie V

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