Cake FAQ

Do the Bundt cakes come glazed?

No, the icing is in a plastic container in the center and may be heated and poured over cake.

Are the cakes in the Bundt Cake Tower the same size as sold individually?


How do you put the icing on the Bundt Cakes that have icing in the plastic tubs?

You can place tub of icing in a pan of water and warm on low for ten minutes, or place in the microwave on high for twenty seconds and then pour over cake.

Can I get one of the cakes made sugar free?

No, we are not able to make special orders.

Does the Rum cake contain real rum?

No. The rum cake is made with a rum flavoring. It is like a pound cake with a rum taste throughout-including a delicious top glaze.

What is a Double Deep Fudge Pecan Pie?

It's for all chocolate lovers! It has a rich, creamy chocolate fudge interior, with a pecan topping.

How is the Pecan Coffee Cake shipped?

It is shipped express delivery in a black floral tin. Its delicious icing is in a container in the center of the cake. Icing can be heated and applied.