frequently asked questions

 DeLuxe® Fruitcake & Holiday Fruitcake

What are the sizes and the amount of servings of the DeLuxe® & Holiday Fruitcakes?

Regular Size

30 ozs. (1 lbs. 14 ozs.)
Ships as a 3 lb. pkg
7" Diameter
(Approx.) Slices 20

Item #'s.....101 / 141

Medium Size

46 ozs. (2 lb 14 oz)
Ships as a 4 lb. pkg
8" Diameter
(Approx.) Slices 30

Item #'s.....102 / 216

Large Size             (DeLuxe Only)

78 ozs. (4 lbs. 14 ozs.)
Ships as a 7 lb. pkg
10" Diameter
(Approx.) Slices 50

Item #.....103


How do you "Doctor" the DeLuxe® and Holiday Fruitcakes?

We recommend a good Cognac, Brandy, Red Wine or Port be used. Simply soak a clean white cheese cloth in the spirit of your choice then remove the cello wrap from your DeLuxe® or Holiday fruitcake and place the cloth completely around the cake. Make sure to fill the center hole with part of the well soaked cloth.

How do you store the DeLuxe® and Holiday Fruitcakes?

The DeLuxe® and Holiday Fruitcakes are best when enjoyed within a few days of arrival. With refrigeration, it can stay moist and easy-to-slice for at about two months. For longer storage, we suggest the freezer.

What's the correct way to slice it?

To Slice: Chill first for easier slicing.  Without removing the foil liner, slice with a serrated knife using a sawing motion.  Wipe blade with a wet cloth after each slice. Remove liner for serving.  Slicing with the liner still in place yields consistent slices for a more attractive presentation. 

How long do the DeLuxe® and Holiday Fruitcakes last?

Oh, about 10 minutes after its unwrapped! :)

Your cake will keep well in a cool dry place at room temperature for about 60 days. (I always put mine in the refrigerator). If long storage is anticipated, then the freezer is the best place for it.

Are the DeLuxe® Fruitcake & Holiday Fruitcake only available at certain times of the year?

The DeLuxe® Fruitcakes and Holiday Fruitcakes are always freshly baked and available year round.