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Pecan Coffee Cake

You can smell the fresh aroma of spicy cinnamon and sliced native Texas pecans the moment you open the box! This rich, buttery coffee cake is a quick and easy-to-serve treat with icing you can warm and drizzle on top. Perfect for brunch or a lazy morning when you want to snuggle up with a steaming cup of hot Cinchona Costa Rican coffee. This delicious Pecan Coffee Cake will say "welcome" to anyone you are entertaining in your home, or is perfect as a gift for a hostess when you're the houseguest. 

  • The Pecan Coffee Cake is shipped express delivery in a beautiful tin.
  • The icing is in a container in the center of the cake. Icing can be heated and applied.
  • Coffee Cake will last up to one week or approximately six months in the freezer.


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